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Taxes ‘Lost At Sea’

Hailing from San Francisco, rock quintet Taxes, fronted by former crumb singer Robby Cronholm, seem to delight in marrying opposites, as evidenced by their new single “Lost At Sea.”

Reading the song’s lyrics–which contain such happy couplets like “We’re lost at sea/on an ocean of regret/just you and me/I wish we never met/Don’t you agree?”–would lead you to believe the music behind it would be a heavy, tortured dirge. Instead the band blended the heartbroken sentiment with a relentlessly upbeat barrage of anthemic power chords and the smooth harmonies of Cronholm and Laura Dean to create a powerful blast of pop catharsis.

“Lost At Sea” is the first single from Taxes’ forthcoming full-length It Never Ends,  a full-length that promises more heavy emotions mixed with hooky songs. Listen to “Lost At Sea” HERE.

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