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Bunny Michael Debuts ‘Gasolina’ Video

Photo Credit: Amanda Leilani Thompson

Operating in the same offbeat, avant garde-meets-what-the-hell-was-that lane occupied by Bjork with a touch of Madonna-style tongue in cheekiness, the “art rap goddess” Bunny Michael shimmies and shakes in an alternate universe in her new video for “Gasonlina.”

A cover of Daddy Yankee’s reggaton smash, Bunny keeps the original’s island flavor while injecting it with ominous-sounding synthesizers and her own trance-like vocals. Meanwhile the video is a hodge podge of surreal images that include the singer floating half-naked in the clouds and smashing a giant watermelon.

“Making this video was an out of body experience. My friends and I traveled to another realm, danced, laughed and sweat there. Meriem was our guide.,” Bunny said. Fans can receive the mp3 of “Gasolina” for free on Bunny’s Facebook page. “Gasolina” is the latest offering from Bunny Michael’s self-produced Ranbow Licker, slated for release on March 25.

Watch the “Gasolina” video below.

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