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House of Lies Season 3 Ep. 3 Recap: ‘Boom’

Photo Credit: Showtime

The Pod is back together. Well almost. Through a series of ruthlessly shrewd moves Jeannie shows Marty she’s got the killer instincts to collect scalps, even his, if necessary, while setting off a bomb destined to burn Galweather to the ground. Hence this episode’s title, “Boom.” 

If the opening paragraph wasn’t a dead give away, Jeannie and Marty have once again joined forces. But not without some backstabbing, power plays and a drastic shift in the dynamic of their relationship. Like most of the main characters on House Of Lies (oddly this is the one area where Doug excels over his colleagues), Jeannie’s personal life vacillates between non-existent and dismal. The opening shot of her doing the do with a meathead delivery guy suggests her romantic prospects are currently tilting toward the latter.

Marty comes over the next morning to discuss the latest chess moves in their plot play Colossal Foods and Free Range off one other for big profits. Marty needles Jeannie a bit after her overnight guest stops by to pick up something he left (he’s a pitcher for a softball team, as he explains ad nauseum), but she shuts him down when he tries to move the conversation to love territory.

And honestly, I’d be okay with the show taking a break with Jeannie and Marty’s will-they-or-won’t-they story arc for a minute. It’s obvious they’ll eventually hook up in some capacity at some point, it’s just a matter of when. However, whatever feelings these two may carry for each other, they are both clearly obsessed with their careers (which of course, wreaks havoc on their personal lives) so  putting them back together in a professional context is the right move. Especially now that Jeannie is officially a bad ass.

A shake up occurs at Galweather when Julianne is suddenly fired and the Rainmaker returns as CEO. If you recall from season one, the Rainmaker was the boss who acted as a stand-in for Jeannie’s lingering daddy issues, all while sleeping with her and every other young thing at the firm before being ousted once she blew the whistle in a drunken public confession.

I wish the show had given Julianne a better send off. She had such a big presence last season and was a great villain, a manipulative ball buster with a master’s class in mind-fucking. Her firing was apparently the result of either some shady legal/ethical business involving the government and the firm’s Department of Defense account or corporate politics.  It’s never really clear, but what is clear is the writers needed Julianne’s character to make a quick exit so there’d be a big bad for Jeannie to escape from.

Once the Rainmaker makes it clear he’s going to make life very hard for her, Jeannie springs into action, gutting Marty by pushing Colossal Foods into a hostile takeover of Free Range, then leveraging it into a full partnership at Kahn and Associates. That’s not all though; she manipulates Benita into blowing the whistle on Galweather’s DOD account by babbling some crap about sisterly solidarity. It’s not a surprise Jeannie would exploit Benita like this; sharpening her shark teeth under the likes of Marty and Julianne tutelage, it’d be shocking if she didn’t throw her under the bus.

But the two women do share a brief, genuine moment, where Jeannie, still selling a dream to Benita, says she reminds her of her younger, less hardened herself. “Wish I could get that girl back,” Jeannie says. “She’s still in there Jeannie,” Benita says, still clueless to her soon-to-be former boss’s true intentions. Jeannie gives a sad, resigned smile as she throws a glance at the Rainmaker, knowing any trace of that girl died a long time ago, replaced by the woman strolling out of the office to the elevator, throwing a imaginary grenade as she blows up her old life.  Boom.


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