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Stoney Mines Brit And American Rock On 'More Than Animals'

British singer-songwriter Stoney has been making a name for himself in his homeland since the release of his debut EP, The Soar Before, in 2011.  The EP, along with a second release, An Introduction To Stoney, led to high-profile gigs with the Arctic Monkeys & Aqualung, and a private L.A. show for Rick Rubin. Decamping to Texas after an appearance at SXSW, Stoney’s star looks to shine even brighter with the forthcoming release of his full-length debut More Than Animals.

The album’s dozen tracks channel the singer’s love  of both British and American rock. Mid-tempo dirge “The Score”  is reminiscent of She Wants Revenge or The Bravery, while “Defiantly Loved,” summons the dark atmospherics and melodic edge of Scary Monsters-era Bowie. The Thin White Duke pops up again on the stomping, maniacal “Devil On My Back,” though its big beats and half-sung, half-spoken vocals owe a debt to Beck as well.

“We Belonged,” with its subdued backing vocals and acoustic guitar, is gently pushed along by drums that simmer but never explode. That’s left for “House Of Mirrors,” a frenetic track that starts out  full-throttle and barely lets up. “Albatross,” takes it time, methodically building from a foundation of quiet acoustic guitar and piano to the towering anthem it becomes. “Wanderlust,” however, is content to luxuriate in dreamy, string-laden pop.

More Than Animals comes out January 2014. Listen to the album here.


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