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Sound Strider 'Intrepid Travels' EP

Cutting his teeth by playing countless shows on France’s Free Tekno circuit–a thriving scene encompassing everything week long “teknivals” and 50 man all nighters in abandoned chateaus–Sam Waks, a.k.a Sound Strider, is intent on bringing intelligent dance music, or IDM, to the forefront of electronic music.The result of this ambition is the Intrepid Travels EP, five-song collection of glitchy trip hop, ambient techno and deliriously trippy psychedelia that sounds like nothing else in electronic music. Liberally sprinkled throughout are sampled spoken word affirmations, further pushing Waks’ vision of the philosophical, spiritual power of dance music.

“Sound Strider is more than just a moniker, it is the deliberate creation of a digital entity designed to etch new connections in the datasphere and further the original cause of EDM culture, namely, to reconnect post modern man with his transcendental roots through the ancient ritual of drum and dance. The inspiration for this EP came after reading the Electric Kool Aid Acid Test when I realized that Kesey and his Pranksters effectively laid the foundations and outlined the format of the modern electronic dance party phenomenon,” Waks said.

Listen to Intrepid Travels in its entirety here. You can also watch Sound Strider’s video for “Prometheus,” a collaboration with Miriam Waks, below.

Prometheus from L Hall on Vimeo.

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