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Ghost Beach Release 'Miracles' Remix EP

Brooklyn-based Ghost Beach, whose blend of old and new school synth pop has lead to their music being dubbed tropical grit pop. Whatever you call it, it’s hella danceable, and the duo’s remix EP of their breakout single “Miracle,” proves just how adaptable their sound is to clubland.Along with the original, upbeat synth pop/rock version, the EP features the work of several collaborators recruited to rework the track. Nathan C gives the song a souped up, house-inspired makeover, while L.A. based Le Youth take the retro disco route, complete with bouncy bass and twinkling xylophone bells. Dallas K meanwhile, cuts up the vocals and backbeat, both of which drop out to make way for lush synthesizers and guitars.

Ghost Beach are slated to release their debut album in 2014. Until then, you can get into their self-titled and Modern Tongues EPs by visiting their website. Listen to the Miracles (Remixes) EP here.


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