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Topless Gay Love Tekno Party ‘Colleen Harpe’

Fall, and soon winter, may be upon us, but that doesn’t mean we have to swap out sunny anthems for broody tunes, as “Colleen Harpe,” the new single from Scotland’s own Topless Gay Love Tekno Party, proves. 

With its kinetic electro beats, soaring melodies, fluttering synths, instantly catchy chorus and lyrics like “she’s a man but she’s got a high heels on” and “skinny legs and a black beret,” “Colleen Harpe,” is a gleefully subversive slice of exuberant, larger-than-life pop.

Topless Gay Love Tekno Party’s self-titled debut contains similar gems, like the bouncy “Robin,” “My 5″ and “Club Banger.” an 80′s new wave-inspired track that takes some surprising twist and turns into industrial territory.  For those who want a something a little more somber to accompany the winter of their discontent, the evocative “Danger Love” provides a fitting soundtrack.

Listen to “Colleen Harpe,” here.

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