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KNTRLR Release New Track 'CCA'

Comprised of Michael Henry and Charles Davis, KNTRLR materialized when the two indie rock vets needed a place for songs that didn’t fit into their respective bands, then evolved into an outlet for the duo’s interest in electronic music and rap.

Henry and Davis bring their rock influences to their side project, incorporating live instruments into their performances and injecting an organic aggression among the samples and synthesizers.  Such is the case with their latest single “CCA,” a blistering steamroller of a track that can please pogo-ing EDM devotees and hardcore moshers. Listen to it HERE.

KNTRLR will also have a few shows coming up. View the list of dates below.

10/29 – Cameo Gallery – Brooklyn, NY
11/5 – JR’s – Philadelphia, PA
11/8 – Clash Bar – Clifton NJ


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