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Tic Tic Boom 'These Motions'

If ever a band exemplified the DIY aesthetic, it’s Tic Tic Boom. The L.A.-based duo have made do-it-yourself a lifestyle, from the choice of collaborators–instrumentalist/engineer┬áMike DeLay and singer/keyboardist Leilani Francisco are a real-life couple–to self-made band merchandise and music videos to their music, a blend of heartfelt lyrics married to bubbly electro pop.

“These Motions,” the first single from their fourth EP, It’s The Heart That’s A Fool, is the perfect example of the band’s mix of emotion and playfulness. “The EP is about dreamers,” explains Francisco. “It’s about the sacrifices we make, It’s about being an artist while having to pay the bills, and doing shitty jobs we hate. That’s what ‘These Motions’ is about.”

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Tic Tic Boom have also brought their independent streak to the recording and production process. Tired of hiring outside guns, Delay enrolled in the audio engineering program at the Musician’s Institute, and the band has kept things in-house ever since.

“Since we are able to record our own music, we are constantly writing and constantly producing,” Francisco said. “I may write a song on the piano and bring it to Mike and we’ll flesh it out together, recording and demoing it out in the process. Other times Mike will work something up in the studio and I’ll write to that. This EP is a mix of both those processes. Everything on the EP was recorded, mixed and mastered at our own studio.”

It’s The Heart That’s A Fool comes out October 8. Listen to “These Motions” here.


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