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Milwaukee Banks ‘Pluto Bounce’

For a long time hip hop and electronic, at least the more somber side of the latter, may have once seemed like unlikely musical bedfellows. However, from the icy rhymes of Kid Cudi and Kanye West’s 808s and Heartbreak to the downbeat, synthesized musings of the one they call Drake, the two genres have gotten pretty friendly over the last half decade. Now Melbourne-based duo Milwaukee Banks are looking to stake out territory in the same emo-rap landscape as their American counterparts.

Comprised of producer Edo and rapper Dyl Thomas, the pair came together to, in their words “collaborate and push ourselves outside our normal ideas, techniques, topics, and raps. To be… more creative, together.” ”Pluto Bounce,” with its dreamlike synthesizers, Southern rap style vocal distortion, shows how fruitful their collaboration has the potential to be.

Milwaukee Banks are currently working on new music, as well as prepping for live dates set to happen in early 2014. Listen to “Pluto Bounce” here.

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