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Prom Date 'X My Heart (Matsy Remix)'

Louisiana-based synth-poppers Prom Date have dropped a remix of their track “X My Heart.”

The Baton Rouge sextet’s dance-rock cut gets quite the makeover. The original tune’s mid-tempo pace gets sped up thanks to some stutter-stop 808 trap-style drums and bass, while the guitars get swapped for stabs of distortion. The vocals get the chop shop treatment, blending in with the dream-like synths so well it’s hard to tell the two apart at certain points. The remix is sure to get heads nodding and the band something to play off of in their live shows.

Prom Date are working on their full-length debut album, slated to come out in early 2014. Listen to “X My Heart (Matsy Remix)’ here.


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