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Artist Profile: EdTang & The Chops

Drawing on the gentility of folk and the lo-fi guitar attack of indie rock, New Jersey-based band EdTang & The Chops create a sound fitting for somber moonlit drives and beer and bar-filled nights.

The band’s sophomore release, Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner, is a homey melting pot of languid acoustic and sliding guitars and harmonicas, as well as robust harmonies and melodies. The latter is assisted by the honest, vulnerable lyrics of singer/songwriter EdTang, who lays his heart bare on tunes like the rueful opener “Vaya,” “Crow Till We Croak,” and “My Whole Life.” The trio of songs mourn the broken dreams of childhood and acknowledge the hard won sense of realism (or cynicism, depending on your point of view) that come with age, summed up with the lines “We were growing up/Now we’re getting old.”

Though many of the songs deal with, as EdTang says, “hope, longing, and the waning twilight of youth,” it doesn’t put a damper on the musical side of things. “Recharged” bops along with an easygoing, toe-tapping vibe, while “Beware of Dog” shows the band can crank up the amps when need be. And “Just Two Old Friends,” driven by a sunny harmonica melody and warm acoustic guitar chords, fondly reminisces on young love.

Goodbye, Zen 5, Sushi Dinner is out now. Listen to the album here, and find out more about EdTang & The Chops, including upcoming shows and their debut album, on their official website.


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