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Jade Alston Ft. Roscoe Dash 'Missing You Lately (Remix)'

Getting  back on her feet after a recent health scare, Philly songstress Jade Alston has released a remix of “Missing You Lately,” featuring a guest verse from rapper Roscoe Dash.

“I thought that since my body was ill, I would no longer be able to share my gift… or at least not for a long while,” Alston said, referring to Mycocarditis, the life-threatening heart condition, she recently faced. “This experience is teaching me that life is waayyy too short and unpredictable not to live 100% everyday with joy in your heart. Music is one of my biggest joys, so to be able to share it always makes me feel like I’m living in my purpose. As long as my listeners promise to live it up everyday, I promise to do my best to get great music to them, any way I can! ”

Listen to “Missing You Lately (Remix)” here.


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