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Ebony Bones 'Mystery Babylon Balloon'

When a punk legend is responsible for christening you with your stage name, you know you”re doing something right. Such is the case with Ebony Bones, whose name was given to her by The Damned”s Rat Scabies. But the singer-songwriter has been surrounded by music since she was a kid, spending time at her father”s Brixton Market music stall where she soaked up artists like Brian Eno and Quincy Jones.

Later, Ebony”s influences expanded to artists as diverse as Siouxsie Sioux and The Slits to Fela Kuti and Public Enemy,  and that eclectic approach crops up in her own sound. Case in point: “Mystery Babylon Balloon,”  the first single from her sophomore album Behold, A Pale Horse, an oddball track layered with bendy, acid-trip-like guitars, a creeping, grungy bass line and Ebony”s evocative vocals. It”s the perfect musical statement for a singer who believes “it doesn”t serve the world to play small.”

Behold A Pale Horse, comes out August 5. Listen to “Mystery Babylon Balloon” here.


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