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Tessa Rose Jackson 'Lost And Found'

Photo: Aisha Zijepveld

Singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Tessa Rose has been busy making a name for herself in her native Netherlands, playing sold-out gigs in Amsterdam and popping up on the late night talk show circuit. With her latest album (Songs From) The Sandbox, Rose is looking to expand her audience, and with songs like “Lost And Found” she’s heading in the right direction.

Easy on the ear but by no means dull, “Lost And Found” ¬†envelopes Rose’s sweet but strong vocals in handclaps, elegant piano, hooky guitar lines and rich harmonies. The song’s strong melodies and self-assured, layered pop sound has the fingerprints of The Beach Boys and The Beatles–two of the singer’s musical inspirations–all over it.

Listen to “Lost and Found” here.


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