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CREEP Announce Debut Album, Release "Introduction" Ft. Planningtorock

Photo: Pablo Tapia-Pla & Lee O' Conner

CREEP are planning to release their debut album echoes on August 13. With cuts like “You” and “Animal” the Brooklyn-based duo have demonstrated a knack for crafting ethereal, darkly seductive tracks. Their latest single “Introduction,” featuring Planningtorock, continues in the same ominous vein.

Marked by icy strings, otherworldly backing vocals ¬†and minimalist drums and synthesizers that sweep in then vanish with the foreboding flourish of a poltergeist, “Introduction” draws on both artists” individual strengths to create a track that should be the soundtrack to many a suspense flick or spooky misadventures played out under strobe lights.

CREEP have also proved to be adept at creating hair-raising visuals to match their songs, and say a video for “Introduction” should be released soon. Listen to the song here.


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