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LISTEN: SWIMM Stream 'Feel' EP

“We just write what we like. We get more inspired by venturing out of our comfort zone musically.” Those words, uttered by Chris Hess, one of half experimental rock duo SWIMM, are definitely an understatement. The band’s Feel EP available for download, is a six song trip down sonic roads less traveled. Those detours can be heard on the garage-band-meets-surreal-psychedelia of “Too Old,” and “Souvenir,” a acoustic guitar and harmonica-driven track that blasts off into the ambient cosmos. Meanwhile  ”Feel,” a deceptively simple blend of electronic and dance rock and the ghostly but gritty blues stomp of “Tisk Tisk” SWIMM shows SWIMM knows what works on the dance floor and the arena. All while laughing in the face of any genre restrictions.

Muscle Building Mastermind

Listen to Feel here.


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