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Monks of Mellonwah 'Sky And The Dark Night'


Sydney-based quartet Monks Of Mellonwah have spent the last few years creating buzz for themselves in both their native Australia and in the U.S. with their progressive brand of rock.

Influenced by the likes of Led Zeppelin, Muse, Pink Floyd and The Red Hot Chili Peppers, the group’s love of both classic and modern rock have inspired them to come up with interesting, diverse sounds. 2010′s Stars Are Out EP featured the emotive, lo-fi  power pop of the title track alongside the down and dirty blues rock of “Fire In The Hole” and laid back funk of “Swamp Groove.” Meanwhile, last year’s Neurogenesis EP incorporated experimental elements into the band’s repertoire.

With the release of the Sky & And The Dark Night EP, The Monks’ sound has evolved into one that’s almost cinematic. Broken up into the three parts, the nearly eight and a half minute track opens with strings worthy of a big-screen intergalactic epic, before searing guitar solos and meaty riffs crash in like asteroids plummeting toward the Earth. Just when it seems like the track will end in an apocalypse of power chords, thumping four-on-floor drums shift things into a somber electronica-tinged conclusion.

The whole thing is so grandiose, you wonder why the band isn’t campaigning the score the next Star Trek flick instead of working on their full-length debut, which promises similar sonic adventures. “‘Sky And The Dark Night’, to me, is the journey from the beginning of our battles to their fruitless ends; the ups and downs, the triumphs and the failures,” guitarist Joe de la Hoyde said.  ”It is the undying hope that maybe somewhere along the way, we might find ourselves.”

Listen to “Sky And The Dark Night” here.


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