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Bibio 'You'

Bibio, also known as Stephen Wilkinson, comes up with a sound both meditative and danceable, on “You,” the second single from his forthcoming album Silver Wilkinson.

The track starts off at the more ambient end of the sonic spectrum, with murky, watery synthesizers deep enough to swim in, before a cut up, chimpmunk-pitched hip hop sample kicks and chops up the rhythm  From there on the songs veers from mid-tempo, head-nodding groove, to moodier, mellow territory. Think a lost outtake from Kanye West’s The College Dropout meets the softer side of Daft Punk.

According to Bibio, “You” has been creeping around in his setlist for years. “You’ has the longest history on this album because an early version of it was actually made around 5 or 6 years ago. At that time I was making a lot of cut-up sampled hip hop type stuff on my MPC. I always liked the track but it felt unfinished at the time and I didn’t want to just put out short beat type tracks on my albums,” he said.  ”Tracks in the playlists got added and taken off on a regular basis, but ‘You’, despite being one of the older tracks, always remained there – it felt right and I never tired of it.”

Listen to “You” below.


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