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Little Boots Unveils New Single 'Broken Record'

After teasing fans and club connoisseurs alike with “Motorway,” Victoria Hesketh, a.k.a. Little Boots, has unleashed “Broken Record,” the second single from her upcoming sophomore album Nocturnes.

A dance track pushed along by warm, pulsating bass and thumping drums, the song simmers but never quite explodes into full-on electro anarchy. But it”s this tension, diffused slightly by Victoria”s angelic vocals and ethereal harmonies–with the occasional robotic distortion thrown in–that make “Broken Record” an interesting listen.

It also offers another tantalizing taste of things to come, as Nocturnes, an work that in Victoria”s words is “an album indebted to the night,” promises a mix of 90″s house, seventies disco and futuristic electronics, all funneled through a classic pop sensibility.

Nocturnes comes out May 7.

Listen to “Broken Record” below.

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