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Superhuman Happiness Release'Hands', Share Full Album Stream

Indie band Superhuman Happiness have released their

debut album Hands, a combustible of hand clap-driven big band pop,  disco-tinged dance beats and art rock. 

“The album was cultivated through a shared method of composition in order to make something greater than any one individual. Who are our influences? More than anything, this band has seven main influences: each member,” says horn player Stuart Bogie. “We actually play like this; the record was culled from live performances and doesn”t contain any loops or the like. It is a handmade musical affair, which made the title easy to come by!”

To celebrate Hands” release, the group has put the entire album on AOL Spinner for fans to enjoy. Listen to it here. NYC fans can catch Superhuman Happiness at their record release party at Le Poisson Rouge on March 29.

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