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Bloc Party's Kele Remixes MS MR's 'Fantasy'

Ever since emerging last year in a haze of Tumblr posts and concealed identities, Lizzy and Max (those are their name FYI), or MS MR, have been riding a wave of adulation built in part on their mysterious aura, but moreso on their futuristic pop sound, sure to be found on their full-length debut Secondhand Rapture, set to drop in May. Until then, we”ll have to make due with Kele Okereke”s remix of “Fantasy.”

The Bloc

Party alum reworks the track into a dark, fiendishly thumping slice of house. Ghostly electronic effects rise and fall as Lizzy”s sultry vocals call out from the shadows, then get spliced up over a shifting, super-heavy bass line that”s sure to provide inspiration for many a sweaty bump and grind in an after hours club.

Secondhand Rapture drops May 14. Listen to “Fantasy (Kele from Bloc Party) remix here.

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