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Trapdoor Social "Away"

California-based duo Trapdoor Social are here to save the world. Literally. Members Merritt Graves and Skylar Funk met as students at Ponoma College”s Environmental Analysis program, and their concern for the planet has spilled over into their music.

“Unfortunately, climate change has become a large source to

draw from musically,”  says Merritt.  ”We try to take our anxiety over it and transfer it into a sonic medium.”

“But we do it in different ways,” says Skylar. “Merritt channels his frustration when

he writes, while I draw a lot more from empathy. I think it would be pretty boring if we weren’t so different of people.” Such differences have  informed Trapdoor Social”s Death of A Friend EP. Released late last year, the album revels in a giddy blend of driving rock and melodic pop influenced by groups like Muse and Death Cab For Cutie, Cutie”s drummer Jason McGerr even playing on the EP.

Check out Trapdoor Social”s latest single “Away,” .

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