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Boys Noize Gets Super Powers In "What You Want Video"

Boys Noize moves into a neighborhood that”s well, super, in his latest video for electro banger “What You Want.” Surrounded by superheroes lifting boxes telekinetic, heating the grill with ray vision or cheerleaders who could give Mister Fantastic a run for his stretching, our hapless civilian finds a church where praises go up and superpowers come down.

“The idea was to interpret the lyrics “what you want/what you get” as a metaphor of consumerism. It”s also a reflection on the concept of normality,” Boys Noize said of the clip. “In a world where singularity is the norm, is being normal making you the exception? Then, the goal was just to have fun with costumes and visual effects. We wanted to

communicate this awkward feeling you have when you”re at a costume party, but you”re the only one not wearing a costume.”

Watch the “What You Want” video here.

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