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MS MR Release "Fantasy"

After spending much of 2012 seducing fans with an eye-catching video for “Hurricane” and releasing tracks “Bones,” “Dark Doo Wop” and “Ash Tree Lane,” from their Candy Bar Creep Show EP,┬áindie pop duo MS MR are rolling out “Fantasy” the first single from their full-length

debut Second Hand Rapture.

Opening with just organ and piano chords and a few oohs from the Missus in MS MR (I still can”t find their real names anywhere–amazing they can pull this off in the age of Twitter and Instagram), “Fantasy” slowly builds, adding handclaps and subtle effects before opening up into an explosion of huge drums. Combined with the emotive vocals and background chants, it sound lush, tribal and almost romantic.

Fresh off two sold out shows in NYC as well as in L.A., MS MR will also be making their debut at SXSW in Austin. Listen to “Fantasy” here. Second Hand Rapture comes out May 14.

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