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Alicia Keys Sued For Copyright Over "Girl On Fire"


This girl is in court. Or at least she will be soon, as Alicia Keys is facing a copyright infringement lawsuit over her hit “Girl

On Fire.”

According to The Hollywood Reporter, songwriter Earl Shuman says Keys” song too much like his 1962 tune “Lonely Boy,” which became a number two hit when recorded by Eddie Holman as “Hey There Lonely Girl.” Shuman became aware of the song”s resemblance after reading Showbiz 411 writer¬†Roger Friedman”s article, which stated¬†”In the middle of the song, Alicia sings a couplet or so from Eddie Holman”s 1970 classic “Hey There Lonely Girl,”" and went on to call it an uncredited sample.

Though Friedman says Keys” use of the original amounts to “two seconds,” Shuman complaint charges the “statements concerning “two seconds” of use are not accurate” yet “in their essence, apt.” Listen to both songs below.

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