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Sophia Bastian "Breaking"

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NY”s own Sophia Bastian gives classic soul a modern twist in her new single “Breaking,” from her self-titled EP.

Punctuated by brassy horn blasts, organ and slow-burning groove, “Breaking” spins of a tale of one-sided love, driven home by Bastian”s jazz-inflected, yearning vocals. “I basically spent a few days in my room in hiding, listening to music not particularly working on songs. I was pretty devastated, and my emotional state set the chords. And the chords kind of just triggered the lyrics…I”m way too proud to have ever said this to someone in real life.”

She may be too proud in real life, but thankfully she”s shameless in her music. The Ian Skalski-directed video for “Breaking” ramps up the old school element, with red-tinted tones that bath the singer

in a seductive glow. Watch it below.


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