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Midnight Spin Release "Lion Run," Announce Debut Album

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Midnight Spin”s latest single, the ferociously catchy “Lion Run,” is brimming with American rock influences, so it may be a little surprising to know the song has its roots in Bangkok.

A little over a year ago, drummer Danny Scull up for three days straight but feeling inspired, e-mailed a video of himself singing in a cheap Bangkok hotel to old friend and bandmate Michael Corbett. Corbett scribbled down some lyrics, sped off to a Manhattan studio and laid down the track, the final one for Don”t Let Me Sleep, the quartet”s debut.

And judging from the results, the group was wise in paying homage to insomnia. From the maniacal, riot-starting riffs, Scull”s pulverizing drums and Corbett”s powerful wails, the song is a glorious mish mash of 90″s alt-rock and punk. Meanwhile Jeremy Cohen”s keyboard work lends a modern indie edge.

Don”t Let Me Sleep comes out January 15. Listen to “Lion Run,” HERE.


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