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Chromeo Remixes Boys Noize's "What You Want"

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Chromeo take Boys Noize to Funky Town on their remix of “What You Want.”

Chromeo”s reworking thrives on smashing together opposites. Falsetto and robo vocals harmonize and blend over slinky guitar licks set off by a seemingly endless supply of catchy, pitch-bending synthesizers;

the track reeks of both electro cool and sweaty, hot funk .

For Boys Noize, a.k.a Alexander Ridha, Chromeo”s take on the tune was a welcome change from the standard club fare. “I wanted something else then the regular banging club versions and I thought of my friends Chromeo,” the DJ said. “I told them that they can do whatever they feel like. They completely blew me away with this super tight funky version.”

Listen to the remix HERE.


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