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AVAN LAVA Get Sexy In New "Sisters" Video

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After releasing a superb cover of Mark Ronson”s “Somebody To Love Me,” AVAN LAVA continue their winning streak with their new video for their ballad “Sisters.” Depicting a bisexual love triangle between three impossibly beautiful people, the clip luxuriates in the kind of sensual, glamorous world that only exists in slo-motion daydreams for most of us. Though the

band could”ve probably avoid the potentially incestuous innuendos by stretching out song”s title to include the words “of love.”

NYC fans can catch AVAN LAVA for free at the Brooklyn museum for Target First Saturdays on Saturday, December 1. Watch “Sisters” here.

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  • Comment by Mashu posted December 01, 2012 at 18:37

    Oh my god! The vidio is really fantastic! Could you tell me please, who is this magnificent actress? I m really in love!!!