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Bot'Ox Release "Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point of View)"

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Bot”Ox are nothing if not ambitious. Since releasing their debut album two years ago, the French duo are starting a new project involving six EPs to be released over one year, the culmination of which will reveal one, larger story. Find out more about Basement Love, a.k.a the first piece of the puzzle, after the jump.

Slated to drop December 10, the Basement Love EP consists of the self-titled single and three remixes all suited for the dancefloor and features vocals from DJ jOHNNNYDANGEROUs. First up is Rebelledo and Superpitcher of the Pachanga Boys, who take the extended, techno-infused route and tunnel into some of the darkest , most ambient recesses of electronic landscape.

Elsewhere on the EP, bandmember Cosmo Vitelli himself takes a crack at remixing the track with bass galore and buzzing synths. Meanwhile Richard Fearless contributes his “Death in Vegas” mix to the party. Listen to and download “Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point of View)” remix below.

Bot”Ox – Basement Love (Pachanga Boys Point Of View) by I”m a Cliché

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