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Boys School Release "Talking To Myself"

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Detroit-born Brett Farkas has made a name for himself in the L.A. music scene, playing for influential artists such as Amnion, folk rockers Lord Huron and soul legend Solomon Burke, who christened him “Cookieman.” Now Farkas is stepping out to front his own band Boys School.

Made up of Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint), Aaron Embry (Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros, Elliott Smith), Andy Clockwise, and producer Luke Adams, Boys School”s sound is a combination of raucous rock and catchy pop, the result of influences that include The Clash, Elvis Costello and ABBA.

This dichotomy is typified by their latest single “Talking To Myself.” Chugging guitars, tight, snappy drums and aggressive, lightning-quick bass supply the rock, while the bright-but-slightly maniacal organ and

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bouncy tempo provide the giddy pop. Boys School take the anything goes mindset to the stage as well, eschewing pre-recorded tracks and playing their songs note for note in favor of live experimentation.

“Musicality is being in the moment, playing the song to the means and capabilities of the group, and taking it to new places every time … Nobody”s gonna miss a thing if you”re playing hard. And I mean “hard” not like loud and heavy, but intensely focused and giving everything that you”ve got. You just gotta do what”s true,” Farkas said.

Listen to “Talking To Myself” below.


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