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The Longwalls Share 'Big MT'

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The Longwalls, comprised of ex-Gatsby heroes Alan Wuorinen and Brandon Comstock with Dan London and DIY wunderkind Kurt von Stetten on drums, have released “Big MT,” a mix of guitar twang and noise

pop culled from their Kowloon EP. Listen to the song, and find out why Kowloon is more than just an awesome title after the jump.

It turns out Kowloon isn”t just some random, “hey that sounds cool” word whipped out of thin air. It was a walled city within a city located in Hong Kong, whose urban decay drove its resident into isolation and despair. Despite the conditions, life still managed to thrive, even after the city was demolished. The Longwalls see Kowloon”s story as a metaphor for maintaining one”s inner light in the face of adversity.

“The album explores loss, struggle, melancholia, and the feeling all of us have of sometimes just wanting to give up.,” th band said. “In Kowloon we found an analog for all these ideas: alone together, decay, wanting to escape, resilience, etc. It’s important to note that record is not meant to be dire in any way. We wanted it to be about how life shines through no matter what. We could all just use a little more peace. We think it’s a hopeful record.”

Listen to “Big MT” below.


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