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Elin Ruth Announces First US Album, Shares 'Bang' MP3

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Four albums, numerous awards and a dozen chart hits in her homeland, Swedish singer-songwriter Elin Ruth moved across the Atlantic for love. Now she”s gearing up to release Elin Ruth, her first stateside release.

Before the album drops next January, Ruth is releasing the Bang EP November 27.  The EP”s title track, a brassy, sassy slice of old school soul, is available for download. The full harmonies and Stax-inspired horns draw you Deze oerhollandse kleur komt ook terug in een oerhollands : Oranje Casino. in, but it”s  Ruth”s vocals that keep you there, her sweet but raspy tone stinging with resignation she can”t make her lover stay. The song offers a preview of both Elin Ruth“s mix of country, soul, and gospel and the singer”s intimate lyrics.

“It”s my most personal record to date. Although I love playing with

great musicians, it was a nice challenge to go into the studio and create something on my own. The knowledge that no-one could change anything made me feel very free and creative,” she said.

Download “Bang” here.

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