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Beca Premiere's New Video For 'Born To Fly'

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NYC-based songbird Beca has been perking up the ears of fans with her smooth, atmospheric brand pop ever since she dropped”Let”s Run Wild,” her debut single. After getting remix love from the likes of Ashley Beedle and Klic, the singer is back with “Born To Fly.”

Switching up from ethereal electro sound of her debut,

“Born To Fly” is  slinky, sexy slice of R&B, with minimalist drums and bass–and the occasion xylophone–pushing the track along, while the seductive, slightly melancholic strings recall Kelis plaintive 2000 hit “Get Along With You.”

But while Kelis pleaded for understanding,   Beca”s vocals, are well beckoning, a lover to come into her world with a sweet seductiveness reminiscent of Kylie Minogue.  Beca”s Born To Fly EP comes out on November 20th. Watch the “Born To Fly” video below.

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