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The Growl Unveil "Smoke It Down"

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Australia-based band The Growl have created quite the buzz in their home country with their debut EP Cleaver Lever. Founded by frontman Cameron Avery and bassist Clinton Oliver, the band”s massive sound is built upon layers of guitars and percussion, typified by their latest single “Smoke

It Down.”It”s hard to describe “Smoke It Down.” It starts like a grimy, industrial-meets-blues rock dirge in the verses, before morphing into a melancholic, indie pop ballad at the bridge. And just when your ears begin to adjust, it opens up into a lumbering, vaguely exotic groove at the chorus. Whatever it is, it works.

The Growl have been touring and selling out shows in Australia since they formed two years ago, and are now looking to bring their experimental sound to the rest of the world. Listen to “Smoke It Down” below.


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