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Tailor Releases, "Step Back" Gives Details About Debut Album

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Cape Town-based chanteuse Tailor lays herself bare on her new single “Step Back,” from her debut album Dark Horse. Find out more about the song and the album

after the jump. Marked by moody strings and clipped, tense guitars, the track is an emotional tour de force. But what really stands out is Tailor”s visceral vocals, which channel both wounded vulnerability and unbridled aggression. At several points she drops her voice to an intense, growling whisper reminiscent of fellow ethereal goddesses PJ Harvey and Patti Smith.

“Step Back” offers a preview of what promises of to be an album of intimate confessions set to a mix of modern folk and blues rock given a gothic flourish. The personal lyrics are a product of the singer returning to her hometown of Johannesburg to record the album, a decision the singer said led to revelation of her inspirations and insecurities.

“The title The Dark Horse is significant,” said Tailor. “I felt like a dark horse that day. I felt as vulnerable as I did as a child. The songs aren’t about any particular childhood event, more that moment of clarity when you realize not everything your parents told you is true; when you discover your values are different and what you’ve grown up believing is not what you believe in at all.”

Take a listen to “Step Back,” below.


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