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Solange Releases “Losing You”

Solange’s new single “Losing You,” is an 80′s throwback in all the best ways. Find out why after the jump. Warm, layered synthesizers, kooky sound effects–one brings to mind a kitten getting its tail yanked, in a cool, WTF is that kind of way–and oodles of handclaps.

Meanwhile the stacked harmonies and lovelorn lyrics that could’ve sprung from Supremes-era Diana Ross’s lips¬†(I gave you everything and now there’s nothing left of me/I’m not the one you should be makin’ your enemy”) recall her Motown-inspired Sol-Angel And The Hadley Street Dreams days. I could so see Jody Whatley, Lisa Lisa, ¬†Janet or Neh Neh Cherry singing this back in the day. Watch the video for “Losing You” and decide for yourself below.

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