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Snoop Dogg Arested for Weed In Norway

I swear this must be a seasonal event. Or at least a bi-annual one. Anyway, Snoop Dogg was arrested early Thursday morning after drug dogs detected the rapper had marijuana in his possession.

According to TMZ, authorities stopped Snoop in Kjevic Airport in Kristiansand and discovered eight grams of weed and a large amount o

f cash. The violation cost The Doggfather about 12,000 Norwegian Krone ($1,980) in fines and also an additional $7,000 for carrying more cash than allowed. He was released soon after. 

Snoop was on his way to perform at the Hove Festival. The new arrest is the rapper”s second drug offense in a year, the first occuring back in January when he was stopped and arrested¬†in Texas for marijuana possession after drug-sniffing dogs found half an ounce of weed on his tour bus.

For his part, Snoop was calm about his latest brush with the law, with officials saying he was polite and acted “without any prima donna whims.” Why shouldn”t he? This ain”t his first time at the rodeo. Maybe Snoop will get the next cops who find a dime sack on him a gift basket.


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