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Pretty Lights Announces 'Illumination' Tour

Electronic music maestro Pretty Lights is embarking on massive North American tour. Find out more about the tour details–ya” know, the lights, music and all that jazz–after the jump.

The 50-date tour kicks off July 6 at the Les Ardentes Festival in Belgium and another overseas gig before coming stateside for U.S. and Cananda shows, including dates in Vancouver, Ottawa, Denver, Pittsburgh, Salt Lake City and New York.

True to form, Pretty Lights” show will contain a lot more than two turn tables and a microphone. Each gig will vary every night, and Derek Smith, a.k.a Pretty Lights and his crew of visual artists, designers, videographers, and editors have been hard at work preparing an unforgettable extravaganza.

“Good music is good music. It doesn”t matter if it”s a bangin” dirty beat or an ambient beautiful interlude. I”ve been hard at work on a new album for more than a year.  I”ve completely switched up my process of producing & composing.  It is being created from all originally composed samples off of self made vinyl

and all analog modular synthesism,” Smith said when talking about the tour. 

“It is and has truly been a massive undertaking, and there are many more surprises in store besides what I”ve mentioned, including a mini documentary about the making of the album.  Soon people will see why I”ve put so much time into this collection of music. I”m bringing the true album back. Prolific, conceptual, consistent, yet extremely diverse, and a real substantial piece of music you can sink your teeth into, not a flimsy EP or an album filled with remixes.  I”m talking about the real shit. I”m talking about taking it to the next level and really pushing the evolution of not only electronic music but musical expression in general. The 2012 Illumination Tour will be the place to hear (and SEE) a lot of what this upcoming PL release has in store.”

A fan pre-sale will offer a limited number of tickets at a discount price. Anyone who signs up to a Pretty Lights ticketing account before Wednesday will automatically be entered to win $100 of merchandise store credit. Tickets for the second half of the tour will go on sale in a few weeks.

View the full list of tour dates at Pretty Lights” official website.


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