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Spirit Animal New Video, Share Track For ‘Lead!’

To whip up anticipation for their upcoming sophomore album Spiritia Animalia, NYC’s Sprit Animal have unveiled the album’s  first single “Lead” along with a new video.

The clip, directed by Daniel Stessen, is the very definition of hodgepodge and features the following cast of characters: Oil, Pirates, The Table of Elements, Pb82, Evil Knevil, Fibonacci, Regis & Kelly, Captain Planet (in Kanye glasses), KONY 2012, The Running Man, Tron, Night Vision Attack, a 5-year old body builder, a 2-year old addicted to smoking, How to Survive an Atomic Bomb, Maury Povich, a pregnant teen, 2Pac, the Maltron Single-Handed Keyboard, RAY KURZWEIL, Grace Jones, Tyler Perry, Madea’s Witness Protection, RIP Facebook, Hashtag, Lana Del Rey, Star Wars XXX, Blue Man Paul Karason, Colloidal Silver, George Orwell, Animal Farm, Ryan Grant, Single Cell Evolution, RIP ALAN TURING, the Turing Machine, Binary Code, Mental Disorder, Suicide, Extinction, Venus Fly Trap, Brendan Lott, Andy Warhol, Leigh Bowery, Babe Workout, LeBron James, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, The Hulk, Sheik, a Muslim Shopping Mall, Machine Guns, Magazines, Living Colour, Cult of Personality, GoProT, MotorCross, Brock Lesnar, Protest, Surfing, Freedom, WWE, Tori, Vince McMahon, The Rock, Hulk Hogan, Ron Paul, Ru Paul, Bentley, Slow Loris, Extreme Skiing, a Sexy Girl Dancing, a cool dance, the Hottest Girl on The Internet, 2001: A Space Odyssey, the mourning of Kim Jong Il, Chris Farley, Down By The River, Demolition Man, Wesley Snipes, Simon Phoenix, Pokemon, Faith No More fish, Conan The Barbarian, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Gene Wilder, Jeff Bridges, Mars Attacks, and Glenn Close. 

A bit too much? Perhaps, but it’s cut-and-past style and irreverent energy provide the perfect visual compliment to the song’s fuzzy lo-fi guitars and unorthodox, in-your-face vocals. Listen to the song over at Soundcloud, or watch the video for “Lead!” below. If the cut leaves you craving more Spirit Animal, check out the Pre-Party Jamz mixtape they made for Nicky Digital last month.

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