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Soso Releases ‘I Never Thought You’d Come In Summer” Video

Swedish indie pop singer Soso has unveiled her latest video for “I Never Thought You’d Come In Summer,” an icy, mid-tempo ode to to a lover whose affection comes and goes with the seasons.

The clip, directed and edited by Soso under her Do It Yourself Bitch Productions company, continues the song’s theme of hot and cold romance; most of the shots have wintery blue tinge to theme, or are negatives, while Soso herself alternates between serving chilly glares or bopping her head to beat whilst wearing ski goggles. ┬áThe one source of heat and humor comes from sped shots of muscle men grooving to the music.

Soso’s made waves with DIY (or in her case DIYB) mentality, writing and recording and producing each track of her debut album The Time I Dug So Deep I Almost Ended Up In China in her bedroom. In another brazen but ultimately brilliant move, the songstress offered up the entire album to fans a month before its release, leading to hundreds of thousands of downloads and Youtube and website hits. Watch the “I Never Thought You’d Come In Summer” video below.

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