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Shit Robot Releases “Teenage Bass” + “Space Race” From Green Machine Album

For his first batch of material since his debut From The Cradle To The Rave, Shit Robot has unleashed a one-two punch of club-ready bangers. Read more and sample the new cuts after the jump.

“Teenage Bass” and “Space Race” are the first in a series of releases entitled The Green Machine, which will lead up to an album release early next year. “Teenage Bass,” with its acid-addled synths that surge and swell in intensity before opening up into an instantly catchy arpeggio, and a bassline that’s so relentless it pretty bores its way into your skull, is sure to ease even the most timid feet onto the dance floor.

“Space Race” continues the attack with another maddeningly hooky, maniacal bass and a galaxy full of electro effects that sound as if they were dipped in stardust. At nearly ten minutes a piece, the mixes are tailor made for extended strobe light meditation, which was exactly the point. “After the album I just wanted to go back to my roots and make some dance 12”s, music for people to get drunk and jump around to,” he said. Mission accomplished.

Shit Robot will also be playing some live dates, the first being a gig at the Hudson Terrance in New York City tomorrow. Check out the rest of dates below, and listen to “Teenage Bass” and “Space Race” HERE.

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