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Michael K. Williams Gives More Details About Ol’ Dirty Bastard Biopic


The Wire alum Michael K. Williams gave more details about his starring role in the Ol’ Dirty Bastard biopic Dirty White Boy in an interview with New York City’s Power 105. Read more after the jump.

Williams, who was confirmed as the actor who’d portray the late rapper back in March,  said that unlike another recent rap biopic  Notorious, the film will not chronicle ODB’s entire life.

“It’s only going to focus on the last two years of his life, when he was released from prison up until the day he died,” Williams clarified. “People don’t know why they were his worst years. There was some mental health issues. When he died, he was actually on the come up. He had a lot of hope for his life, man. He was getting his stuff together. You know what I mean?

“It was just unfortunate he had a little bit of that white girl in him, and he had a pain in his leg and asked for a painkiller,” he said. “When he should’ve have just took an Aleve, somebody gave him some horse tranquilizer, and it short-circuited his heart. But, it wasn’t like he was on a binge. You know dude was really excited about his future.”

However, Williams did reveal that other parts of the rapper’s life will be explored as well, such as his home life, and alluded to possible cameos from surviving Wu-Tang Clan members, saying RZA’s endorsement of the project seems likely.

“It’s very important to the quality of film, to the realness of the film,” Williams said. “We’re going to capture the last time that all of them were on stage together as a family, and to do that, we need all hands on deck. We don’t want no actors portraying any of the Wu-Tang; we want the real brothers.”

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