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Dot The One "Aphotic Hues"

Philly rapper Dot The One has dropped “Aphotic Hues,” the first single from his new Aviated mixtape. Take a listen and download the song after the jump.

The track finds Dot in uber┬ábraggadocio┬ámode, dissing and dismissing off brand rappers, second-rate groupies and all around scumbags. What”s really interesting though, is the schizophrenic tone the music takes. The first half sounds like the stand

ard grimy, cipher-esque freestyle beat–heavy, nasty bass and maniacal-sounding strings–while the second half veers off into 8-bit/chiptune territory, with Dot rapping the second verse over old-school video game bleeps before 80″s era Zelda music (At least I think it”s Zelda; if I”m wrong correct me hardcore gamers and forgive my transgression) closes things out. Listen to “Aphotic Hues” below.

Aphotic Hues by Dot The One


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