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Aussie Garage Pop Trio Bonfire Night Plan U.S. Tour, Including SXSW Showcase

Hailing from Brisbane, Australia, indie pop trio Bonfire Night like to mix dirty garage rock with shoegaze and psychedelic  theatrics to create a sound that can be both sitting-alone-in-your bedroom evocative and fist-pumping energetic.

“Own Worst Enemy,” loaded with lo-fi guitars, grimy bass, punchy percussion and just the right amount of smooth pop harmonies and synth, falls into the latter category. Meanwhile “Leave Yourself Open” reveals the band”s penchant for creating swirling, dreamlike soundwalls.

Both cuts have the feel of an intimate, at home studio session, and with good reason. Since forming in 2010, Bonfire Night, made up of Steve, Ruth and Nicole, have taken an old-school approach to making music. The trio recorded their first self-titled EP on a four-track analogue machine, and the DIY-aural aesthetic earned them accolades from Australian, Japanese, South African and British Radio.  ”Own Worst Enemy” was also voted into the ‘Hot 100’ tracks of 2010 for Australian station 4zzz FM.

Now with a successful UK tour support Scottish indie rockers Sons and Daughters under the belt, Bonfire Night is looking to blaze a trail stateside with a U.S. tour, including an official showcase at SXSW on March 16.  To get a taste of what to expect if you”re in the audience (or not) check out “Own Worst Enemy” below.


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