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Tic Tic Boom! Share New Track "For Feeling"

L.A.-based synth pop quartet Tic Tic Boom! are giving away their new single, the mechanized audio assault “For Feeling,” from their upcoming EP Before The Sun Rises.Before The Sun Rises, slated to drop in April, is a follow-up to last year”s Reasons and Rhymes, which drew from array of influences, from punk to new wave to indie rock. Tic Tic Boom! promises the new album will mark a darker, more ethereal evolution in both  sound and content.

“[Before the Sun Rises] deals with concepts of life and death,” explains Francisco about the inspiration behind the EP. “How all things are cyclical and we”re all just a small piece of an enormous never-ending puzzle. It”s about struggling to understand your place in all of that.”

To promote the album the band will be playing gigs around L.A., traveling to Austin for SXSW and performing a residency at Los Angeles’ Lot 1 Café for May 2012. View Tic Tic Boom!”s tour dates and listen to “For Feeling” .

3.01 Los Angeles @ The Airliner
3.27 Santa Monica @ Central S.A.P.C.
3.13-3.18 Austin, TX @ SXSW
5.02 Los Angeles @ Lot 1 Residency
5.09 Los Angeles @ Lot 1 Residency
5.16 Los Angeles @ Lot 1 Residency
5.23 Los Angeles @ Lot 1 Residency
5.30 Los Angeles @ Lot 1 Residency

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