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Artist Profile: Ticktockman

Seattle-based band Ticktockman are on a mission: to bring the super heavy, challenging but super catchy rock of their city’s forefathers back to mainstream ears.  As the band themselves say, “the aggressiveness of our sound is inspired by the frustration of what’s popular in our region today. We want to bring loud music back to Seattle and make the younger generation feel alive through that sound.”

The band’s upcoming self-titled album is slated for release on February 14. And its sound, marked by crushing power chords, pummeling but profoundly proficient drums, a mountain of pedal effects and twisted time signatures should certainly intrigue rock fans craving more than three chords and by-the-numbers solos.

“The Architect” lives up to its name, with searing guitars circling overhead and machine-gun riffs firing away during the verses until the band decide to strip the song down to deafening snare hits and stutter-stop guitars. “Sinister Mystery Cloud,” ups the technical insanity, with a litany of almost space-age effects warbling alongside frenetic, ferocious chords in all their distorted glory.

“Scavenger! Move Along! slows things down a bit, but is no less intense.  Opening with a calm, meditative groove complete with bongos, drum clicks, sensuous guitars and chimes, the song pulls you into its seductive groove before monstrous guitars pounce from the shadows to scorch eardrums again.

For all Ticktockman’s musical prowess, the music never comes off forced or overly-intellectual. This probably due to vocalist Ryan Van Weiringen’s brooding vocals, which manage to convey emotion without sacrificing melody. Although the songs’ subject matter probably gives him plenty of help in channeling the former.

“Conceptually, this record centers around the feeling of not having a voice as an individual. Our record is sort of in line with the ‘loudest voice wins’ approach to life. Other themes include paranoia, corporate takeover, depression, and the idea of The Singularity,” the group says.

To get a taste of the band’s sound, listen to album track “Blackhole Waltz” HERE. View Ticktockman’s tour dates below.

4.1 San Diego, CA @ Bar 11*
4.2 Los Angeles, CA @ TBD*
4.3 Visalia, CA @ TBD*
4.4 Sacramento, CA @ Club Retro*
4.5 Bend, OR @ The Soundgarden*
4.6 Portland, OR @ Backspace*
4.7 Seattle, WA @ High Dive*
* with Culprit

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