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Artist Profile: The Town Monster

Columbus, OH-based quartet The Town Monster stir up a deliciously twisted concoction of synthesizers, distorted guitars, keyboards and growled and falsetto vocals to create a sound that is equal parts synth pop cool and rock aggression.

This dichotomy is apparent on tracks like “One Thousand Wolves.” Synthesizers and electronic effects flutter around and whoosh in and out like air flowing through ancient ruins, while a grimy bass line pulsates throughout, adding a sinister spin that will inspire plenty of stylized moping on the dance floor.

Meanwhile “Junkyard Dogs” pummels eardrums with a wall of guitars and bombastic drums, while vocalist James Allison”s vocals alternate between Prince-style smoothness and primal screams. “Bela Lugosi” seems to merge the two worlds, with deep bass and stuttering bleeps and blips crashing into power chords and live drums.

The Town Monster have built quite a reputation in a short time, playing gigs in and around their Midwest stomping grounds as well as opening for acts like Weezer, Crystal Castles and Past Lives. The group released their Bela Lugosi EP back in October. Get a taste of their sound by watching the video for “Bela Lugosi” below.

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  • Comment by matt posted January 15, 2012 at 17:43

    actually, nathan photos is the vocalist.