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Amy Klein Leaves Titus Andronicus

Amy Klein, the kinetic guitarist/violinist/sole female in New Jersey-based punk quintet Titus Andronicus, has decided to leave the band, which she announced via a blog post published over the weekend.

Klein told SPIN that her depature from the group was not due to any internal conflict with other members, but that she simply felt it was time to move on.

“To commit to being in a band you really have to be giving it 100 percent all the time,” she says. “When I was thinking about another album cycle, another year of touring, I didn’t think I could do it anymore. There are a lot of other things I want to do with my life before I settle down.”

While she plans to stay involved in music, with projects such as her Amy Klein and the Blue Star Band and the rock duo Hilly Eye, Klein said she’ll also be perusing the help wanted ads. A Harvard English literature graduate, Klein wants to pursue a MFA in creative writing.

 ”I’ll need a new day job because Titus was my day job,” she said. Klein confirmed that Liam Betson, who played guitar on the group’s 2010 album The Monitor, will join Titus Andronicus.  Klein said the boys have been supportive of her decision, a statement bolstered by a note they posted on their website.

“Even I can barely comprehend it; she has become that vital a part of the band’s very identity,” they wrote. “Strange, and sad, to think that never more may we warm ourselves by the fire of her endless enthusiasm.”

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